Hunt’s pay not likely to be reduced despite cuts to Sunnyside Up’s funding

Sunnyside Up may not have much money to work with during the next fiscal year.

The Dominion Post published an article in Sunday’s edition about the Sunnyside Up funding cuts, and spoke to Councilwoman Jenny Selin, who is also a member of the Sunnyside Up board of directors. Selin said that it is not likely that Executive Director Jim Hunt’s salary will be cut.

Hunt receives a salary of approximately $86,000.

Selin told the DP:

“Once you hire someone, you usually do not go back and ask them to take less.”

As previously reported, Morgantown City Council voted to cut Sunnyside Up’s funding first by 25 percent in early March, then again another 25 percent a couple weeks later. West Virginia University matches whatever the city pays, so that means the university will also be cutting 50 percent of funding.

Last year, Sunnyside Up received $100,000 from Morgantown and $100,000 from WVU, totaling the group’s funding to $200,000. After the cuts, the group will receive a total of $100,000 in funding for the next fiscal year.

After Hunt’s salary of about $86,000, that would leave the organization with approximately $14,000 to use for operation.

Hunt is also a member of Clarksburg City Council.

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According to the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram, council members earn $2,500 per year. The article also states that “Clarksburg council members may also opt to receive health benefits through the city of Clarksburg.” At the time of the article, October 2010, Hunt was one of the five council members who claimed full benefits.

According to the Dominion Post, Hunt said that he “doesn’t receive any health insurance or retirement through Sunnyside Up,” and that about $10,000 of his salary is in lieu of those benefits.

The most recent tax forms for Sunnyside Up available on GuideStar are from 2010 (PDF available here). Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Total revenue: $204,842
  • Total expenses: $173,865
    • Salaries, compensation, employee benefits: $90,176
      • Hunt’s salary: $83,200
    • Professional fees and other payments to independent contractors: $25,309
    • Occupancy, rent, utilities and maintenance: $8,010
    • Printing, publications, postage and shipping: $4,008
    • Other expenses: $28,862

The organization is said to have savings in the bank, but will it be able to continue operating if it only receives approximately 14 percent of its usual funding?

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Sunnyside Up could lose 25 percent of funding from city

Morgantown City Council is working on its upcoming fiscal year budget, and Sunnyside Up could lose 25 percent of its funding, according to to WDTV (Some Sunnyside Up Funding on Chopping Block in Upcoming Morgantown Budget).

On Tuesday night, city council approved the first reading of the new fiscal year budget.

According to WDTV, Sunnyside Up would receive the biggest cut in funding. Council voted 4-3 to reallocate that money into savings.

Morgantown City Councilman Bill Byrne does not agree with the decision:

“It’s a great partnership between the university and the city, and every dollar that we put in, the university matches a dollar. So, we take $25,000 out, we basically are cutting not just $25,000 from the program, from the investment in Sunnyside, but $50,000, because the university is likely to match only what we put in, so it’s not a wise financial move,” said Morgantown City Councilman Bill Byrne.


Sunnyside Up Executive Director Jim Hunt told WDTV that he’s confident the organization can work through it, and that he hopes council will reconsider the funding.

Morgantown City Council will meet again March 20.


This past weekend, West Virginia University’s Student Government Association and members of the Greek community teamed up with Sunnyside Up to clean up the neighborhood. Approximately 300 students showed up and collected over 150 bags of trash. Read more about the cleanup from the Daily Athenaeum – “Campus organizations take part in community cleanup.”

Sunnyside Up’s board of directors will meet 7:30 a.m. next Wednesday, March 14 at its offices in the Seneca Center.

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