Morgantown landlord charged with entering without breaking and conspiracy

Gary Walden, a 61-year-old Morgantown landlord previously accused of sexual harassment, was arrested Monday for “entering a tenant’s apartment uninvited and rubbing her leg,” according to an article in today’s Dominion Post.

(photo credit: The Dominion Post)

Walden was charged with entering without breaking and conspiracy. His bond was set at $15,000, and he was held at North Central Regional Jail as of Monday afternoon. As of today, Jan. 22, he seems to have been released.

The resident of Dunkard Avenue apartment, located in Westover, called police on January 17 and told them that she woke up in her bed and found Walden touching and rubbing her leg. She was also missing $900, according to the criminal complaints.

Walden and another man, 55-year-old Robert L. Wilson of Westover, told police they were at the apartment at the time of the incident. Walden told police that he was there to collect rent. The accuser and another person confirmed rent wasn’t due for 15 days.

Wilson was arrested Saturday for without breaking and conspiracy, but is free on $5,000 bond. He had assisted in changing the locks the day before the incident occurred, and an employee of Walden’s gave him the master key after the locks were changed, according to the article.

This was not Walden’s first time inappropriately touching tenants. According to the article:

Walden settled a civil lawsuit in early 2008 by paying tenants he allegedly groped $175,000, and paying a $50,000 fine for violating the West Virginia Fair Housing Act. He also signed an agreement that restricted his contact with tenants to emergency situations and required him to file reports with the Human Rights Commission when he has contact with tenants.

Later that year, the commission filed a complaint accusing Walden of violating the agreement, but West Virginia Deputy Attorney General Paul R. Sheridan said a ruling is still pending, according to the article.

UPDATE: (Feb. 22, 3:08 p.m.) I found an article from Walden’s 2008 sexual harassment case – Landlord Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

UPDATE (Feb. 23, 10:00 a.m.): New post with more background information on Walden – Morgantown landlord Walden has history of harassment

– Leann


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