Apartment rating websites can be important part of search

I’ll admit that I am big into researching things online before I make a purchase. I’ll read ratings, compare prices, see if there are any special codes for an extra percentage off or free shipping. But for some reason, I never thought to look at apartment ratings before finding a new place to live.

If you’re going to sign a lease to live somewhere for at least a year, it’s probably a good idea to see what other people are saying about the place. Sometimes a nice place can be ruined by the fact that maintenance takes forever to fix things. Or a place may look dirty on the outside, but the inside is taken well care of and in great condition.

The website I found with the most ratings for Morgantown apartments was apartmentratings.com. What’s nice is that you don’t necessarily have to read all of the reviews to get the gist of how tenants feel. Here’s an example:

By looking at the bottom bar, you can see that parking is rated pretty high, while the office staff has received low ratings. It also shows whether pets are permitted, which is important to many people. Out of 47 reviews, The District Apartments received a rating of two out of five. When you click on “The District Apartments” link, it’ll go into a little more detail of how that score was determined.

Parking, maintenance, construction, noise, grounds, safety and office staff ratings make up the final score.

Below the overall score, you can find the user reviews, and a list of tabs with other features.

I suggest that you actually read some of the ratings instead of basing it off of the score to determine the main issues. Some reviews appear to just say, “Stay away” or “NO,” but that’s the subject link that will take you to a full review.

Another nice feature is under the “floorplans” tab where you can find how much rent is, as reported by users.

 You’ll notice next to floorplans, there’s a tab for safety. Safety doesn’t seem to report on crime rates, only if there are any registered sex offenders living in the area. This information is provided by Family Watchdog.

I did find a couple other websites where apartments are rated, but they didn’t  have as many reviews as Apartment Ratings. The other websites are:

One other website that might be helpful in the search for an apartment is  Morgantown Apartments Guide. This site doesn’t have any ratings listed, but it does list locations of apartments and whether they’re pet friendly. It also lists a contact number and web address. However you have to hover over the “WWW” button to see the address, you can’t just click on it to go there.

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